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Business 302
The Gateway Experience

Spring, 2018
Mon/Wed 11:00am - 12:15pm (Mon 1/22 - Wed 5/16, 16 weeks)
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Wayne Smith, Ph.D.   [ ]

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"There are five managerial roles; they are to set objectives, organize, motivate and communicate, measure, and develop people."
-Peter Drucker (1909-2005)

Course Outline/Calendar (Summary)

In general, the course will cover the topics and do the activities outlined in the common BUS 302 calendar. However, the days and times for specific topics and activities will vary depending on a range of factors, including how well the class is doing in specific areas. More information will be provided in class.

You will run and bring to class, but not turn in, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test. You will skip the "case preferences" assignment. Exercise #1 will be done in written form, not oral form. I score the oral presentations and oral challenges as group performance rather than individual performance. I tend not to give "second chance" oral presentations. I use some time in class for overall group evaluations and for personal group discussion. As indicated on the syllabus, this class will have a few "pop quizzes" as well.

There is no final exam in this course.

Note: Materials listed as (CSUN only) are restricted to CSUN students, faculty, and staff only. To access these restricted materials, CSUN stakeholders will need to enter their full CSUN email address and their CSUN password. There is a small chance this type of authentication may not work for some smartphones or tablets; in that case, simply use a laptop or desktop computer.

Course Outline/Calendar (Detail)

The purpose of this web site is to provide information and materials for students enrolled in Wayne Smith's Business 302 course, Class #  13709, for the Spring, 2018 semester. This course meets Mon/Wed 11:00am - 12:15pm (Mon 1/22 - Wed 5/16, 16 weeks) in BB2206 [ Campus MapGoogle MapsGoogle Earth ].

The following summary identifies the key terms used in the course outline.

General topic(s) to be discussed
Readings from the coursepack [ .html ]
Readings from the library materials (or occasionally, a direct, online resource)
Readings from the Harvard Business Review materials (use your full CSUN email address and password)
Miscellaneous Readings
Assignment or report due at the immediate beginning of class
done individually or in teams (announced and done in-class)
presentation and discussion led primarily by the instructor
Video Clip(s):
Video Clip(s) shown in class, typically from a movie or TV show
Slack time embedded during the course to cover unforeseen events

The following is the detail of the course in chronological order. Students must complete the readings and assignments before the due date.

Week 1: Mon. Jan 22, 2018
Week 1: Wed. Jan 24, 2018
Week 2: Mon. Jan 29, 2018
Week 2: Wed. Jan 31, 2018
Week 3: Mon. Feb 5, 2018
Week 3: Wed. Feb 7, 2018
Week 4: Mon. Feb 12, 2018
Week 4: Wed. Feb 14, 2018
Week 5: Mon. Feb 19, 2018
Week 5: Wed. Feb 21, 2018
Week 6: Mon. Feb 26, 2018
Week 6: Wed. Feb 28, 2018
Week 7: Mon. Mar 5, 2018
Week 7: Wed. Mar 7, 2018
Week 8: Mon. Mar 12, 2018
Week 8: Wed. Mar 14, 2018
Week 9: Mon. Mar 19, 2018
Week 9: Wed. Mar 21, 2018
Week 10: Mon. Mar 26, 2018
Week 10: Wed. Mar 28, 2018
Week 11: Mon. Apr 2, 2018
Week 11: Wed. Apr 4, 2018
Week 12: Mon. Apr 9, 2018
Week 12: Wed. Apr 11, 2018
Week 13: Mon. Apr 16, 2018
Week 13: Wed. Apr 18, 2018
Week 14: Mon. Apr 23, 2018
Week 14: Wed. Apr 25, 2018
Week 15: Mon. Apr 30, 2018
Week 15: Wed. May 2, 2018
Week 16: Mon. May 7, 2018
Week 16: Wed. May 9, 2018
Finals Week: Wed. May 16, 2018

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