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"Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later work belongs."
-Albert Einstein (1879-1955)



The purpose of this web site is to provide links to supplementary materials ("materials for further study") that may be of some interest to students after the completion of the BUS 302 course.

Recommended Reading (CSUN Library)

The following is a list of ten books available in the CSUN Library that I believe every Business and Economics student should read before they graduate. These books may be excellent Summer reading in particular.

In addition, many other authors have made important contributions to the management field. Books by any of the following authors would be of very high quality and would make for a deeper exploration of the topics discussed in this course.

Recommended Viewing (CSUN Media Library)

The following is a list of ten videos available in the CSUN Media Library that I believe every student of Management should view before they graduate. These videos are excellent supplementary materials.

Recommended Reading (full-text, online)

The following is a list of ten books available online for free (as in "speech") from Project Gutenberg. The Copyrights on these works have expired and volunteers have transcribed the text of book into electronic form (.txt or .pdf).

Supplementary "Open Courseware" materials ("Business Text")

The following courses at other Universities are tangentially related to CSUN Bus 302. In addition, these Universities post materials of interest to motivated learners desiring a deeper understanding of managerial principles. Because these materials are available in a public, consistent, and available-at-no-charge manner, the materials are relatively easy to access and use.

Supplementary "Open Courseware" courses ("Business Courses")

A few universities post materials for one or more complete courses online. The following complete courses are tangentially related to CSUN BUS 302. The beauty of these offerings is that the entire course, including all lectures, is online and available at no charge. For commuter students--such as nearly all CSUN students--the audio-only format can be very useful. But depending on both the technical nature of the course and the learning style of the student, the audio-video format (if available for a given course) might be more useful.

"Quanitatively-oriented" majors/options are perhaps Accounting, Finance (et. al.), Information Systems, and Operations/SCM. "Qualitatively-oriented" majors/options are perhaps Business Law, Management, and Marketing. (Some individuals might differ over my categorization of "Marketing" or perhaps even "Information Systems". )

Supplementary "Open Courseware" materials ("Business Radio")

The following audio files ("audiocasts" or "podcasts") may be useful for summer review or preparation for future management-related education. These materials contain the full audio of each class lecture or presentation suitable for listening on your computer or your favorite portable audio device (e.g., Podcasting).

Supplementary Streaming Videos ("Business TV")

The following streaming videos illuminate upon many of the management principles embodied in this introductory course. Most of the videos on a University campus. Access to these resources requires some type of broadband Internet connection (at home, work, or school). Additionally, most of the resources utilize the basic RealPlayer viewer, while a few use Windows Media Player or Apple's Quicktime. The videos are loosely organized by key Chapter topic and sequence.

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