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"Science can be the religion of the nonreligious, the poetry of the non-poet, the art of the man who cannot paint, the humor of the serious man, and the love making of the inhibited and shy man. Not only does science begin in wonder, it also ends in wonder."
-Abraham Maslow (1908-1970)


The primary purpose of this web page is to provide an archive listing of prior courses that I have taught.

Resource Descriptions

Web page. The individual web page links below point to a section-specific web page that is the "home page" for each section of a course.

Feed. The individual feed links below enable a motivated user to be automatically notified of changes to the course schedule. Similar to the core functionality in blogs, subscription feed technology combines the key value of email (i.e., automated notification) and the the key value of web (i.e., rich content). The content in the feed centers on information that prospective students would need or information of interest to enrolled students before the course begins.

Calendar. The individual calendar links below can be used by a motivated user to incorporate section-specific meeting days and times into a personal or enterprise calendaring system.

Email. The individual email links below provide an appropriate email subject line for each distinct section. Naturally, you may add a small amount of information in the email subject line as well. Please ensure that you double-check your writing both for context and content before you press the "Send" button. In particular, please ensure that you include your full name. Good communication, especially when conducted via an electronic medium, is a critical success factor for COBAE student professionals. If you are unsure how to communicate effectively, please read the following document entitled--"How Successful Student Professionals Communicate Electronically".


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